What is the installation fee for?

Because we are a non-profit, there is not a large bank account supporting the operations. As a result, we charge an installation fee to each member - one time.  This fee is used to help offset the installation cost we absorb, cover the hardware expense of the radio for your house as well as your portion of the hardware on the mountain and in our network connection hub. If we are not able to get you satisfactory service within 30 days, we refund 100% of the installation fee.

Can I deduct any of my dues?

The short answer is, yes. We are a registered 501(c)3 organization and a Colorado registered non-profit. IRS rules allow you as a dues paying member to deduct the excess of the value of the benefit received. At the end of each year, we have to do a bunch of math to determine that amount for each member. Our initial membership fee is not deductible since it covers the hardware required to bring the signal to your house. Your value is more than the fee so there is no "excess" to deduct. The monthly dues are a bit different and there is typically excess value each month. You will receive a letter from us at the end of the year with the information you will need for your taxes, if you wish to make the deduction.

Can I make a donation to the non-profit?

Yes! This helps us tremendously and allows us to purchase equipment to keep growing and up upgrade existing gear. This type of donation is tax deductible and you will receive a letter from us for your tax purposes if the donation is in excess of $200 (any amount is deductible on your taxes but the IRS typically requires proof above $200). Contact us if you wish to make a donation.