Are you in our service area?


As of June 1, 2019, we are no longer building out additional tower sites in the city limits (with very few exceptions). This is due to both potential pending fiber optics from the city and wireless frequency limitations. Our coverage map below reflects current open coverage areas for single family homes.

We have a handful of "on network" buildings where our service has been pre-installed and we can cross connect to the existing data wiring to your unit. In these buildings, we have provided gigabit links (ie: fiber speeds). These buildings are always open for new customers:

1203 Washington Ave
701 12th St - Miners Point
708 13th St - Prospector Place
710 10th St - American Mountaineering Center
1301 Arapahoe St
1211 Avery St
19th & Ford Condos
8th St Condos (between Cheyenne and Washington)
Gateway Station
Washington Ave buildings between 11th and 13th streets
Ace Hi Apartments
2212 Ford St
Gold Apartments (615 Water St)

If you live in a condo or apartment building and want us to consider adding you to our list of "on network" properties, please fill out our contact us form. We would love to add your property to our list!

Current approximate single family home coverage map (map does not cover Bear Tooth Ranch which does have high-speed coverage):

Approximate representation of our coverage area

Approximate representation of our coverage area