Logging in for the first time…

We highly recommend setting up access to our customer portal. This login will allow you to:

  • See all of your financial transactions with us

  • Add a credit card or bank account to manually or automatically pay your bills

  • Open support tickets

  • View all existing open and closed support tickets

  • See the amount of data you are using each month

  • View any existing signed contracts or agreements

As a new customer, you will need to register your email account for the first time. To do this, go to: https://portal.auwireless.net

On the page that opens, click on the link that says “New portal user? Register an account here!”


On the next page that opens up, you will need to enter your email address. Make sure this is the same email address you signed up with originally and is the one we have in our system.

Once you click the “Look Up Email Address” link, if your email address was found in our system, it will send you an email to complete the login. Click in the link in that email. It is only active for 24 hours after you request it.


When you click on the link in your email, the above page will open up in your web browser. Enter your email address, choose a username that you want to use to access the portal (it can be your email address) and enter a password twice.

Click the “Create Account” button. If your password meets the complexity requirements, you now have access to the customer portal.

If this fails for you or you can’t get past the “Lookup Email Address” page, email support@auwireless.net and we can manually create credentials for you to access the customer portal.