December update and a new partnership in Golden

Finally, news to report and our December update!

In July, we started the process of looking for a building in downtown Golden with fiber optics in it for our backbone connection to the Internet. I can count on one hand the number of buildings that have fiber. Three of them are banks and are not interested in talking to co-op Internet providers. One is managed by a national leasing company that does not return five phone calls (looking your direction Source Gas building). The fifth is a building many of you know and have been in numerous times.  The American Mountaineering Center on 10th St has fiber they never hooked up but it is still in perfect condition.

I started the conversation with the building management back in August. They are a building full of like minded co-op and non-profit organizations. It was a perfect fit for us.  After a number of meetings and email conversations, yesterday we signed a deal with them for access to the fiber lines as well as roof rights to place our antenna to get the Internet up Lookout Mountain.  To say the least, we are very excited to be working with them. Next time you stop by the center, let them know you appreciate them working with us!

So, where are we with timelines? The bad news is my wife has to endure even more UPS packages on the front door as additional equipment arrives.  The fiber has been ordered as have the routers and radios to get it up Lookout Mountain. We just received 2 more (and final) test radios that would go on members homes. We are committed to finding the fastest radio equipment available today. We are down to two vendors and hope to narrow it down to one in the next 7 to 10 days. You may see me around town with a tripod full of antennas and a laptop...

I expect to transition to our high-speed line from the Mountaineering Center in mid to late December. We are adding our last test customers this week and next with our current temporary line.

If you live in the city of Golden (north of the ~ golf course), I think we can start connecting new members right after the holidays. Just in time to hook up any new electronic toys.

For those in the Easley Rd area, we are working on a relay site on the hill over there. In addition, some new radio equipment is shipping in early January we want to deploy in your neighborhood.  Our goal is to get your service up and running in late January.

We will have some more updates and information on how the co-op will work in the next week or two once we know the radio vendor and the pricing of the equipment.