We are almost to our goal

AU Wireless February update...

Since the first of the year, we have been very busy. Our goal as a co-op is to get our member numbers up to around 30 before we pause and allow the network to breathe and evaluate traffic and use.  What we are trying very hard to avoid is the same situation Comcast and Century Link are in with massive over-subscription of service and slower speeds.

Today, we are putting member 21 on-line and have a few more in the install queue!  This includes a City of Golden fire station to aid them in emergency responses from an outlying station.

Golden Fire Station 22 goes on-line

Golden Fire Station 22 goes on-line

Where do we go from here? 

If you are interested in service and are in our service area, head over to our site and fill out the sign-up form. This will put you in the queue for install before we stop taking requests for new members.  If you were referred by a current member, don't forget to mention that on the form so we can give them their $50 credit!

We won't stop forever but we need to pause growth around 30 members and evaluate how we want to move past that magic number without impacting service to existing members or incurring too much cost for bandwidth.

We are still working on an additional tower site in the Easley Rd area but have been very successful getting a handful of members on line in that neighborhood off our main tower site on Lookout.

What's next for the co-op? Our end goal is to get City Council to move forward on installing fiber optic cables throughout the city and open those up for competition. We would love to be a part of that project and feel Golden is the perfect community.  Boulder and Fort Collins have had success and we continue to encourage council to look at those models. Send an email to your council member!

Thanks for your interest and support in making this co-op successful!  We look forwarding to bringing you service.