Golden fiber??

That's the end goal of all of this - get fiber to the home (FTH) in Golden. Golden has many things going for it when it comes to fiber:

  • Geographically small and central
  • Modern infrastructure in many parts of the city
  • Existing fiber rings around the city (Highway 93, US 6, CSM, Denver West) with connections to major fiber hubs
  • Citizens with strong community ties
  • Residents and local businesses that want to be on the cutting edge
  • Residents and local businesses that want to keep their business and money local

That is just a partial list of what we believe makes Golden perfect.  We are likely too small for companies like Google to be very interested. That is where the city comes in. There are a number of success stories of local governments taking the initiative and wiring the municipality with fiber and then opening it up to providers to bring in competitive services. 

For some reading to get you excited about this, take a look at the following articles. If you have found any similar stories, add them to the comments or email them to us and we'll add them to the story.  Then, it's up to us as residents to keep on our city council, mayor and city manager to make this a reality. This might take ballot initiatives on our part and researching potential funding options.

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AU Wireless has provided a needed service to Golden and will continue to into the future but we are also interested in working with the City of Golden on bringing fiber to our homes - both as consultants and a potential provider option on the network. Let's get the conversation going!