Welcome Harmony Village!

Transmitter in Harmony Village

Transmitter in Harmony Village

Today we brought our brand new "mini tower" on-line in Harmony Village. Due to increasing demand (and a bunch of big cottonwood trees), we decided Harmony Village needed its own transmitter. With the help of Micah, one of our members, this transmitter is ready to go and has its first member on it! 

This new mini tower will accomplish two things:

1) It will get the residents of Harmony Village on-line much faster
2) It will prove a concept AU Wireless is looking to deploy in other neighborhoods 

Bringing the transmitter local (vs the top of Lookout Mountain) reduces congestion on the three transmitters on Lookout and speeds up the connections to the individual member homes. It also potentially allows more homes to see the local transmitter. We have plans for this type of deployment in the Easley Rd area, in the Mountain Ridge subdivision and downtown Golden.

Harmony Village is a perfect location for our first mini tower and we welcome the residents to the network!