AU Wireless equipment in Nevada desert

Equipment provided by AU Wireless helped provide Internet access in the middle of the Nevada desert. The Further Future festival took place April 29 through May 1, 2016 in the desert outside of las Vegas, NV.  YDIM - a company that has been providing networking services to large music festivals for many years used equipment from AU Wireless inventory to bring 300 Mbps of Internet connectivity to the festival.

Internet receive site powered by a portable light generator

Internet receive site powered by a portable light generator

AU Wireless founder has worked with YDIM for may years on festivals like Bonnaroo and Outside Lands. This is where much of the technology we use daily has come from. When AU Wireless began testing equipment in Golden, YDIM provided $1000's of hardware at no cost for our evaluation. Today, we are running off a core router on loan from YDIM.  It was our pleasure to be able to repay the favors YDIM has provided us and send un-used equipment and expertise to the Nevada desert to help make this festival work.

When you show up to a concert at Red Rocks or the Pepsi Center, you don't really think about what happens when your ticket is scanned as you walk in. On the back end, that barcode on your ticket is verified in milliseconds against a database maintained by by Ticketmaster or one of the large ticketing agencies. They need to make sure people are not flooding in with counterfeit tickets.

When you are in the middle of nowhere, that process is not so simple.  YDIM has made this possible for years at festivals all over North America. In addition to allowing your ticket to get verified in real time, high-speed Internet access is provided to bands, promoters, festival operations, merchandise tents (to run your credit card) and fans themselves.  

Next time you visit a festival and are able to get in, buy something or get online, remember that took potentially weeks or months of planning and installation to make happen!